How to setup Facebook Social Login ?

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Prerequisite: NAP Phase II Firmware is required to support Facebook social login and will be available on 9th of July.

1. Toggle on SSID
NCC > AP > Configure > SSIDs > enable the selected SSID, and then click Save

2. Sign-on with Facebook
NCC > AP > Configure > Authentication, Choose the selected SSID >Network Access > Captive portal > Sign-on with, select Facebook.

3. Choose access attribute
NCC > AP > Configure > Authentication > Network Access > Captive portal access attribute. On Login on multiple client devices, select Multiple devices access simultaneously. On Strict Policy, you can determine either Allow HTTPs traffic without sign-on or Black all access until sign-on for your preference.

4. ClicK Save button to apply configuration

5. Connect your device(e.g: iOS device) to the selected SSID

6. User will need to browse the HTTP site to be directed to Captive portal with Facebook login button

7. Enter Facebook login account (Email or Phone) and password, and then click Log In

8. Login Success and start to browse the Internet

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