[Important Notice] NAP firmware upgrade has been postponed

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Dear Nebula users,

We have now postponed the Phase 2 (v1.02) NAP firmware upgrades , as there are some hot fixes needed to be done before releasing again.
Meanwhile on NCC general settings page you will notice all NAP are currently up to date, this is normal display right now since we have halted the NAP firmware released on June 26th.

Summary of the hot fix
1. Resolve the issue of configuration returning to default after upgrading on NAP203/303.
 - This will affect devices that are configured with static IP and VLANs losing connectivity after the upgrade. To temporary resolve this situation, please reconfigure management IP setting to restore internet connection.

2. Resolve the issue of Captive portal being not able to lease authorization to new client entries when total site clients accumulated to 64 clients before any entry is released by re-authentication timer.
 - As this will block clients from authentication, please disable Captive portal if you have encountered this problem, the latest patch will resolve this issue.

What happens if I have already upgraded to 1.02 ?
  • If you already performed an upgrade and did not ecounter the above issues, don't worry there should be no influence at all, and remember arrange a time to do the upgrade after we release again.
  • If you have performed the upgrade and encountered the above issues, please follow the workaround to temporary resolve the issue and wait for the patched firmware.

We apologize for any inconvenience in this incident, we wish to bring the best experience we can to all users. Meanwhile please stay informed of any news of the upcoming week, we will keep everyone updated for any progress.

Yours Sincerely ,
Nebula Support Team.
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